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5 Ways Document Management Helps You Work Smarter, Not Harder


When it comes to the success of your organization, there’s a huge difference between work and intelligent work.

Brainless, haphazard work – work without that impetus of intelligence to propel strategic direction – does more harm than good. It’s unwork, actually.

The good news is that properly implemented document and content management strategies gets you on the right side of that dangerous divide between unwork and intelligent work.

Here are 5 ways digital document management gets your company working smarter:

10 Ways Managing Documents Online Can Benefit HR

HR Essentials: Control Document Chaos

The amount of paperwork associated with maintaining the information for each area of Human Resources on a daily basis can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially if you don't have a clear process for managing all of the documents. Health and life insurance plans, claim forms, retirement planning options, personnel records, performance reviews, new-hire recruiting – the list goes on and on.

On top of that, ever-changing government regulations require HR departments to have strict processes and procedures in order to maintain compliance. With the amount of information under the responsibility of these departments, this is no small task. 

As a result, many companies are finding that technology such as online document management and workflow automation to add structure and organization, can save them time, money and resources.

Building a Bridge to the Cloud - Leaving a Different Kind of Legacy Behind…

describe the image



Definition of LEGACY

of, relating to, or being a previous or outdated computer system <transfer the legacy data> <a legacy system>

As a company, we at DocuVantage are seeing increasing evidence of the dramatic acceleration and adoption of “Cloud” based technologies and the transformation of the traditional business process.

As a “Cloud” technology provider participating at the center of this remarkable evolution, we see this transformation first hand, both in what our clients seek to accomplish using our technology, and in the conversations and collaborations we participate in on an industry level.

DocuVantage Presents to Cloud Computing East Conference in DC

Cloud Computing Conference in DC 2014 resized 600

DocuVantage had the pleasure of speaking on Healthcare Cloud Architectures at the Cloud Computing East Conference in Washington DC.

Topics covered were Cloud Architectures; What are they and why do you care? Various service models such as SaaS, PAAS, IAAS and CAAS were explained. Dave Wiggins, CTO, discussed deployment models and what that means for an organization; public, private, hybrid or some of both as well the clients, datacenters and connectivity needed for various business challenges. Do you need real time access to Imaging, Patient Records, Accounts Payable, Personnel Files or Policies and Procedures.

Marketing Asset Management: Dance Away Your Campaign Pains

dance away campaign pains

Marketing is a crucial element of your business operations if you really want your company to swap sales stagnancy for game-changing success. Transcending those borders and passing those bridges – the ones you never even thought you’d come across – is only possible with the planning and execution of a successful marketing program. And that means making your marketing campaign management as seamless, consistent and productive as possible.

Time to Spring Forward with a Document Management Detox

document spring cleaning

After such a wicked winter, the first buds, blossoms and bird chirps of spring are certainly a treat: frozen noses to ambrosial aromas and frostbitten ears to sweet symphonies. Everyone knows this weather is ripe to refresh your space, but why limit the sparkle to grunt chores and junk drawers? Clean out, spruce up and organize your files with a dose of disinfecting, structure-flexing document management.

7 Ways “Fear of Document Management” Is Holding You Back

fear of document management

If you like wasting time with inefficient processes and you welcome mismanaged mayhem, then a real document management system with powerful workflow software, records management and email integration is not for you.

You like things the way they are, no matter how broken down, beat up and tapped out your workflow engine is. We know what you’re thinking, more or less:

9 Document Management Solutions With HR at Heart


What’s the biggest frustration for HR departments? Lack of strategized, secured and streamlined document management solutions. 

  • “I can’t find the files I need. There’s no organization, no central storage for documents. Email folders, and even cloud-based folders, don’t help at all.”
  • We just had a fire and all of our personnel files were destroyed, now what do we do?
  • We have 10 offices and now we have 10 copies of our files. Which one is correct?

… Sound familiar? If so, we feel your pain. DocuVantage has worked with enough frustrated HR managers, directors and generalists to know that the endless search through mismanaged personnel files makes productivity (and workplace satisfaction) impossible.

No-Nonsense Document Management for Nonprofits/NGOs: What to Look for

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Many people assume that nonprofits and NGOs are outside the domain of business process improvement. This could not be further from the truth. On the contrary, it’s often the case that “profitless” processes – due to the countless stakeholders and key decision makers involved – require the most fine-tuning to their operational efficiency and document management.

We could go on, but we’ll let an actual NGO take it from here. They live and breathe the complexity of nonprofit/nongovernmental operations, so they naturally say it best.

This global NGO found their document management solution.

The following is an account from an actual NGO whose document management system needed a little boost of digital efficiency.

4 Ways To Diagnose Your Contract Management System As Productivity Parasite


We recently reported on a study conducted by the National Contract Management Association (NCMA), which opened our eyes to the rampant inefficiency plaguing the contract lifecyle management (CLM) of countless organizations – companies and NGOs/nonprofits sweeping the variegated gamut of industry type, geographic location and size.

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