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The Forgotten Side of Process Automation (Workflow)

The Forgotten Side of Process Automation

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Using Excel to Manage your Contracts…What Could Go Wrong?

Many people realize that they have a challenge with managing contracts.  Usually as a result of something bad happening.  A cell phone contract auto-renews at a high rate, a lease renews but they are moving to a new office. Once they realize the problem they quickly turn to Excel. It is easy to type information into the columns.  Usually, the vendor name, the type of contract, the start and end dates, and maybe who is responsible for the contract.

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Top 8 Takeaways from the 2016 InsideNGO Annual Conference

1. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is Critical for Compliance

Compliance is easy... Said no one, ever. All of your policies, procedures, and controls mean nothing if you don't have a record of your actions. What are you going to say to the auditor? “Trust us?” That won’t get you very far.

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3 Reasons Why Document Storage Isn’t Enough

If you are searching for a document storage solution to organize and secure your business documents, you are on the right path to improving your business. However, document storage is only one item you want to look at when it comes to selecting the right solution for you.

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Workflow Automation Got You Down? We Have 3 Tips for You

Prior to automating the review and approval your business documents, you must define your workflows to ensure you have a smooth and successful implementation. Once you automate your workflow management, you will save valuable time and money. However, if you do not take the time up front to define your workflows it will take longer before you begin to see the benefits of these valuable improvements.

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Increase Workflow Efficiency with Document Organization

When properly managed, documents enable and support an organization’s ability to complete its work and fulfill its mission. However, as documents move from person to person they have a tendency to get misplaced and mismanaged. Eventually, documents will go missing and tasks will fail to reach completion – bringing the organization’s workflow to a halt. Additionally, not effectively managing documents can put an organization at odds with state and federal laws and regulations.

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What Can Online Document Management Do for Government Agencies?

Affordable Housing Departments are charged with the difficult task of operating and overseeing housing programs and initiatives through state and federal funding, and regulating that process from start to finish. Programs can include public housing projects, first-time home buyer credits, single-family housing assistance, refinancing, and housing rehabilitation. This article outlines how online document and compliance management can benefit all government agencies, specifically Affordable Housing Departments.

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Undeniable Proof That You Need a Document Disaster Recovery Plan

Backing up files and records is crucial to any disaster recovery plan, and there are many types of disasters that you need to plan for. At any time all of your documents could be wiped out by a natural disaster, fire, theft, or computer malfunction. Not only would you have to worry about recreating all of your files, but there is also the issue of your information ending up in the wrong hands.

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HR Manager: 10 Reasons You Should Manage Documents Online

The amount of paperwork that an HR Manager is required to maintain, not only for internal purposes but in accordance with government regulations, can be overwhelming and frustrating if you don't have a clear process to manage documents. Health and life insurance plans, claim forms, retirement planning options, personnel records, performance reviews, and new-hire recruiting – all amount to piles of paperwork for every HR Manager.

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Document Storage vs. Document Management

There is often confusion between document storage solutions and document management applications. How do you know which one is better for you?

In the broadest sense, online document storage can be described as a solution for companies looking for an easy way to share and access their files electronically from anywhere, at any time.

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