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You Might Have to Update Your Workflow Soon: The Future of DMS and ECM

future of DMS

We live in an era of constant disruption, especially in the world of technology. In other words, as soon as something new comes along, something newer immediately comes along to take its place. When the standard is set, something else resets it soon after.

When we think we’ve achieved what we want, something else comes along to show us things we didn’t even know we needed. This cycle has always been at work, but never before has progress moved at such a fast pace. It’s come to the point where we often don’t know where to draw the line between progressive and superfluous.

Data management, document management, and business process automation have undergone a particularly exponential upward swing. With advancements moving at the pace they do now, we can more accurately predict the trajectory of electronic content management (ECM).

If you’re wondering why we’re using that term instead of “document management”, per usual, it’s because is actually what DMS has become. And before DMS, the handling of data and information was something else. Here’s a glimpse into the past, present, and future of DMS/ECM, and what your organization should be prepared for as a result.

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Defensible Deletion = Better Document Control and Records Management

defensible deletionWe all are, at one point or another, hoarders. Unlike the ones you see on TV, however, what we hoard isn’t directly in front of us, reminding us we’re overdue for some Spring-cleaning, but it’s equally capable of getting us in trouble with the law.

What we hoard is data—usually redundant, obsolete, or trivial. And while your logic might be sound in living by “just in case”, the longer you hold onto this data, the more susceptible you are to litigation and liability claims, as well as rising storage costs.

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The 1 Thing You Need Before Doing Business with any SaaS DMS Vendor

We’ve been discussing lately what features, benefits, and authorities to investigate and be knowledgeable of when someone tries to sell you a document management solution.

When you’ve done your due diligence and found a suitable provider, you still have to make sure you hold them to exactly what they say they’ll provide you. The simplest (yet somehow overlooked or undercooked) way to do that is with a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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An Expert's Red Flags to Look for When You Buy SaaS DMS - Part II

Remember: there are plenty of claims a vendor can make that are immediately logical and appealing. When you're looking to buy document management solutions, those claims are the red flags that should prompt you to ask more critical questions.

We’ve discussed SaaS vendors who offer the lowest prices and affix themselves with “best of breed” labels. Be equally skeptical and prepared when you see these terms thrown around:

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An Expert's Red Flags to Look for When You Buy SaaS DMS - Part I

We’re on the Internet, and just about anything is capable of distracting us. And with all that oversaturation of content and products, there’s an oversaturation of features that are immediately appealing, but won’t provide much value in the long run. How many “industry leaders” are there? Who really provides the “best ROI”? What exactly makes something “world class”?

Document management systems are no different: most services will throw out buzzwords to trigger your survival instincts and reel you in and get you invested in a product that doesn’t provide you with what you really need – for all you know, you might not even need document management!

These are generalities, but my most successful clients that implement DMS are focused on optimizing workflow, records retention, dealing with an incredibly high volume of time-sensitive documents, and security. If you're looking to buy document management services, and a prospective SaaS vendor offers any of these features, take a step back and reevaluate how they align with your priorities

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5 Ways Nonprofit Document Management Software Helps Your NGO or NPO

For a successful NGO to flourish, staying compliant and reporting funds accurately for every transaction is crucial. This is especially true for those who receive funding from the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the US Department of State and other government agencies.

To successfully achieve your mission’s potential reach and scope, you must understand what to look for in nonprofit document management software. This software allows you to serve people in a more logical and organized manner, and makes managing your workflow and business processes much more efficient. 

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How NGOs and NPOs Use DMS to Secure Trust in Their Partnerships

With so many moving parts and collaborators, your non-governmental organization (NGO) or non-profit organization (NPO) has to keep a lot of people happy. Staff, volunteers, donors, etc. – each group has a range of contracts, invoices, and authorizations associated with them. They share a vision with you, but if they can’t trust you everyone loses sight of the vision and the partnership loses its foundation.

The best way to secure trust with the people who partner with you is to secure consistency. And the best way to secure consistency is through maintaining a system of automated business processes. More and more NGOs and NPOs have made this possible by adopting a document management system across their various departments.

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How to Go Paperless in 9 Steps with DMS

As we’ve discussed very recently, it’s a burden to take everything that’s in its place (and find the things that have long been out of place) and completely reorganize it to fit the contours of its new home. The benefits are obvious, but establishing the process that truly takes advantage of them is difficult. But step one is different for different companies.

While some need assistance implementing DMS, others need help simply getting all documents in the same place. If you’ve managed documents traditionally for a long time and want to adopt DMS, the idea of taking all that paper out and having to figure out how to digitize it is intimidating and daunting. We started there as well, so we know how to go paperless and easily set up a clean record system.

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The 5 DMS Best Practices

Imagine you’ve just signed the lease on a new home. And not just a new home, a better one. Nicer location, bigger space, better school system, immaculate golf course around the corner. It’s all right within your reach.

And then you realize: you have to move things. Everything. Where do you even start?

The hardest part is always getting started. Our clients take a giant leap in the right direction when they adopt a document management system, but often don’t know what to do to set it in motion.

If you have a ton of different types of documents floating around, different versions, duplicates, etc., all haphazardly saved in the moment and spread across multiple folders (and sometimes multiple users), you need to know the best practices to maximizing the value of your DMS. Take these document management tips with you:

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Integrating Back Office Processes with SaaS Document Management

You’ve probably been through this at least once: a company spends a lot of energy telling you about all the benefits its services offer, and you convert to a customer.

Then you come across a technical error, or you have a question, or you need access to some important info.

But when you contact them, they make you wait, they run through a script, they make you wait some more, they refer you to a bunch of different places and they come back with just enough of an answer to calm you down until the problem inevitably rears its head again.

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