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Improve Customer Service with Document Management

Businesses looking to gain an advantage over their competitors know that providing excellent customer service is the defining factor that puts them ahead.

They take the time and invest in their customer service systems and automate their business processes to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. It could be as simple as being able to retrieve information faster than their competitors, and being able to do so doesn’t go unnoticed by potential customers.

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3 Steps to Automate Your Business Processes

Automating your business processes is an excellent way to increase workflow efficiency. It can help your company streamline its communication, enforce accountability, and reduce its overall costs.

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How to Deal With – And Prevent – Paper Document Clutter

If you’re like most people, you’ve got some stacks of paper sitting on your desk awaiting your attention. But you’re super busy, and pretty soon you’re surrounded by a variety of piles and stacks – enough to make your blood pressure rise when you walk into the office.

In situations like this, confusion easily abounds and your productivity slowly decreases. You’re not sure where to find things, what’s important and what’s not, or where you should even put the stuff.

It’s easy for important documents to get misplaced or put at the bottom of the stack. Worst of all, this can be a huge liability for your company as important workflows halt or critical documents get lost or stolen.

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Document Technology Will Fail Without Defined Document Processes

Think putting all your documents “in the cloud” will solve your frustration in trying to find and collaborate on documents?

Think again.

There are a plethora of solutions out there that allow you to put your documents online for all to view and share. (All those with access rights, that is!) It’s pretty simple, really.

However, for most companies – especially those with multiple branches and locations – having folders in the cloud is just one teeny tiny part of the solution. By focusing on that alone, you could very well be just moving your problems from one platform to another.

Here are 4 document processes every company should clearly define before they do anything else:

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A Major Cause of Operational Inefficiency for Most Companies

Most of the companies we talk to have four common problems that dramatically decrease their operational efficiency:

  1. Documents are mismanaged and stored all over the place (never in one central location).
  2. Limited or no access to documents when they really need them, especially when they're out of the office.
  3. Employees spend a good portion of their day searching for documents and pushing them from one person to the next.
  4. There are so many versions, they never know which one to use.

Eventually, the mess becomes so frustrating that they come to the conclusion that they need a new system for storing their files. Dropbox and Google Drive are usually the first place they look, because at least their files will be stored in the cloud and easily accessible, right?

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7 Ways “Fear of Document Management” Is Holding You Back

If you like wasting time with inefficient processes and you welcome mismanaged mayhem, then a real document management system with powerful workflow software, records management and email integration is not for you.

You like things the way they are, no matter how broken down, beat up and tapped out your workflow engine is. We know what you’re thinking, more or less:

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The Real Deal On Process Improvement: The Why, The What, The How

Process improvement. That’s a phrase that sends shivers down both managers’ and employees’ spines. Why? People – well, most people – are adverse to change. Whether it’s a fear of the unknown, a touch of laziness or a stubborn attachment to the status quo, a change in the way things get done doesn’t bode well with most individuals – not at first, at least. But if you don’t commit to improvement, you can’t commit to success.

Do you need a boost of process improvement?

Here’s how you know if your processes are underperforming:

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Accounts Payable Automation

Today I am going to talk about an accounts payable (invoice) automation project we recently completed.

I'll start with an overview of the process and then go into some details of how we accomplished these tasks using our software. All of the customization discussed here can be done by any knowledgeable computer user. There was no programming required, but scripting was required for some functionality.

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5 Steps To Break Down and Build Up Your Business Process Workflow

A systematic business process workflow does four crucial things for your organization:

  • It maps outs out each team member’s daily tasks, keeping them on track, comfortable, confident and constructive throughout the day.
  • It clears out bottlenecks and staves off redundancies that put big-time dampers on production efficiency, work quality and employee morale. 
  • It keeps your organization compliant with legal and financial regulations. 
  • It enforces your organization’s practices, from simple operations to more complex methodologies, to keep everyone on the same page and conquering projects like a well-coached team.

But a workflow engine only operates like the well-oiled machine it should when rules and guidelines are defined by management, accepted by employees and followed by everyone.

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Fight Operation Frustration With Workflow and Process Automation

The economy’s getting back on its feet and the market’s definitely looking better, but there’s still uncertainty wreaking havoc on businesses. Redundancies, shifting roles and talent gaps translate into major challenges for each department in your organization.

Here’s how a powerful information management system gets your organization working with more accuracy, agility and cohesive productivity:

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