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I Have a Spreadsheet for Tracking Contracts, What Could Go Wrong?

Most companies know that they need to keep track of contracts. The challenge is, they just do not know how. Usually someone is given the task of tracking contracts but they are not given direction or resources so they do the best that they can.

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Am I Required To Keep Paper Copies Of Invoices?

We still hear people worried about using an electronic process for approving invoices for payment.  One of their greatest concerns is keeping paper copies of the invoices.  Someone has told them that it is a legal requirement.  We have even seen people print invoices that were sent to them electronically just to have a paper record.  We have some good news for you.  We are going to let you in on a big secret. Electronic records, approvals, and signatures are legal and have been for over 20 years. 

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5 Things You Need to Know About Retaining Documents for Compliance

Read the news, peruse the paper, review blogs and you will usually find the word compliance within minutes. You know it is more than the latest buzzword, though. It's a serious subject with severe penalties for businesses not following regulations. With that in mind, here are five things to remember when retaining documents for compliance:

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5 Steps to a Quick, Easy Records Information Management (RIM) Audit

Sometimes, the survival of your company is riding on whether or not you can produce a specific document or file. Or whether you’ve destroyed that document or file in a timely manner. And sometimes, it’s not up to you to decide when that is needed. The more complex your operations are, the more you must adhere to industry regulations. Without a clear audit trail in place for organizations such as the HHS, the SEC, or FINRA, your daily operations could come to a dead halt, and your company held liable and subject to penalties for non-compliance.

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7 Ways “Fear of Document Management” Is Holding You Back

If you like wasting time with inefficient processes and you welcome mismanaged mayhem, then a real document management system with powerful workflow software, records management and email integration is not for you.

You like things the way they are, no matter how broken down, beat up and tapped out your workflow engine is. We know what you’re thinking, more or less:

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Protecting Information Assets while Enabling Collaboration

In today’s world, “working from home” is no longer synonymous with inactivity and loss of productivity.  In fact, more than 34 million people in the U.S. telecommute at least one to four days a week and according to IT analytics firm Forrester Research, telecommuting ranks will expand to 63 million by 2016*. The vast majority of telecommuters report spending more time actually being productive versus commuting or combating daily office distractions. 

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Top 3 Business Drivers for Document Management Software Adoption

The advantages of using document management software are numerous and well-known, but for many organizations it’s not so much the decision to adopt this type of web-based technology, but setting priorities for use once it’s been implemented and deployed.

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Be Prepared For A Government Audit With Online Document Management

As daunting as income tax season is for individuals every year, an equally pressing and year round concern for businesses is compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act.  SOX legislation was enacted in 2002 in order to mandate accountancy regulations for publicly traded companies.  The Bill was passed in response to several high profile corporate accounting scandals which cost investors billions of dollars and weakened public confidence in American securities markets.

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The 2 Best Ways Financial Services Firms Can Stay Profitable with Online Document Management

The financial services industry has traditionally been a paper-heavy business. As it becomes more highly regulated however, businesses large and small are starting to implement document management software solutions to increase efficiency and security…without sacrificing profitability.

Financial institutions such as investment services firms, wealth management, insurance and credit institutions, CPAs and accounting firms, as well as mortgage and brokerage companies can leverage document management solutions in two major ways:

  • To streamline workflow for increased efficiency
  • To comply with regulatory requirements
Streamlining Workflow

Maintaining client privacy using paper files can be an administrative hassle and logistical nightmare. A secure, cost-effective, and practical alternative is capturing, processing, storing, and sharing client information electronically.

A comprehensive document management software package can easily and affordably accomplish all of these objectives. Document management software can help financial services professionals manage all of their confidential client paperwork, such as:

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NGO Contract Management and Compliance Solutions at 2011 InsideNGO Annual Member Conference

Non-governmental organizations are accelerating contractual document review and approvals four-fold, increasing compliance and controls with DocuVantage’s cross-ops solutions.

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