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Why Analyzing and Documenting Business Processes is Important

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DocuVantage will be an Exhibitor at the 2010 FAC Annual Conference & Educational Exposition!

  Please come by our booth to see our document management solutions for government organizations.

 When: June 29 - July 2, 2010
Marriott Tampa Waterside 

Learn more about the FAC Annual Conference.

DocuVantage will be an Exhibitor at the 2010 InsideNGO Annual Conference! 

Please come by our booth to see our document management solutions for nonprofit organizations.

When: July 12 - 16, 2010
Where: Washington, D.C., George Washington University, Marvin Center

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Q: What is EzeScan, and why should I care?

DocuVantage has integrated DocuVantage OnDemand with EzeScan in order to provide our customers with another tool that provides affordable, fast and easy batch scanning and document forms processing.

With zone OCR capabilities, the tools allows you to scan thousands of pages per day, to automatically read information from printed forms and to process received faxed forms.  

This tool is important and beneficial to any organization that processes a large amount of paperwork because it saves valuable time and costs as an integrated tool that is offered as a monthly subscription. 

Q: What if my forms or documents cannot be processed using OCR? 

No worries! EzeScan has a Key From Image (KFI) module that will help you speed through the categorization and indexing of your documents.

EzeScan KFI is ideally for when you need to process a variety of unstructured, semi-structured and forms-based documents where both the document data and image need to be reused.  

See for yourself how DocuVantage OnDemand® can help your business by signing up for a complimentary 30-Day Trial.


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If you are considering implementing electronic document management in your business, this latest white paper released by DocuVantage is a must read.


Learn tips that will help you implement and sustain a successful system for managing your information. 

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Why Analyzing and Documenting Business Processes is Important 

In simplest terms, business process analysis is conducted in order to enhance your current organization or department by understanding it more fully. We evaluate our business processes to identify bottlenecks, duplicated efforts, or to document current operations and how they can be improved. This is what business process management (BPM) is all about and how business process improvement starts!

Many organizations think their business processes are just fine.  However, it never hurts to analyze what you are doing.  Here’s why:

Ask yourself: Are you current business processes accomplishing or exceeding what is expected? By looking at each process individually, you can answer this question. Where is the breakdown in the process resulting in tasks not being completed quickly and efficiently?

Development and Improvement
There is always room for improvement. Process evaluations can pinpoint exactly where processes can be improved by identifying problems, duplications and more. As your competition gets stronger, you need maximum efficiency from your processes. Continuously reviewing will help wring the last little bits of inefficiencies out. Your competitive advantage can include how fast  and error free your processes are. Wal-Mart delivers its goods from suppliers to stores more efficiently than anyone. This is a huge competitive advantage for them.

Set an Example
Let’s say the accounts payable department performs a thorough evaluation of its processes and streamlines the processes creating a major success and savings for the department. While drawing a flow chart of the accounts payable process, they discover that the AP clerk touches an invoice 8 times. Wow! Why are they touching it that much?

It turns out, that it was the only way to keep the paper invoice moving through the process and also to keep track of it. The clerk was keeping a spreadsheet with the progress of each invoice being recorded as it was hand carried to the next step. The AP department decided to automate this process with automated workflow. Now the clerk actually does AP work instead of transporting invoices. The workflow moves the invoice from step to step and also records it progress for anyone to see.

Efficiency by evaluating and improving your processes, you will be able to deliver more, better, faster and cheaper.


Your organization will have the ability to know the outcome of processes. You will now be able to identify obstacles and have the means to assess and improve. Transparency also includes knowing the status of something at any point in time. If a vendor wants to know where their invoice is in the approval process, you will be able to tell them. If your boss wants to know where a contract is, and you are not available, he can easily find it.

By having your processes evaluated and defined, the ability to adapt to a changing economy is much easier. Now that you know how information flows through your organization, you are able to better recover or adjust when needs change or problems arise.

A thorough evaluation of your organization’s business processes is a crucial, contributing phase to business process management. You cannot automate what you don't know.

According to Nathaniel Palmer, Editor-in-Chief of bpm.com, “BPM will be recognized as the definitive source of sustainable competitive advantage for almost every medium to large enterprise.”

With that being said, you can see that BPM is a powerful means of managing your business. For more information on BPM, please visit “What are Business Process Management and Workflow?”  

In BPM, the systematic documentation of processes is one of the vital factors to a successful evaluation. Documentation must set forth the competitive priorities, operations strategy, process choices and major related processes. Inputs, outputs and customers of the process all must be identified.

During the documentation phase of BPM, you are identifying the “as is” state and designing the “to be” state. As you begin to document and identify, you must be clear and concise. You can use flow charts, simulation models and process charts to accurately represent the current company processes. Diagnose how every document or piece of information flows through management, staff, employees and customers. Lack of documentation not only implies performance loss, but also insufficient information for process improvement, it also leads to mistakes.

Failing to carefully document and evaluate processes will, in the long run, result in dissatisfied customers, decreased efficiency, less productivity and savings lost.

If you want to improve your business processes and need to start mapping them, check out our Business Process Mapping Special Offer.



Business Process Maturity Self-Assessment 

Find out where your organization ranks with a free self-assessment. The 10 questions on this survey highlight the keys to developing and maintaining effective processes.

Start Your Business Process Self-Assessment Now >>

Meet the "Real Deal" Customer!

When implementing a document management system, there are a number of factors that contribute to the success of the project:

•    The document management system chosen
•    The vendor behind the system
•    And most often overlooked: the customer!

In numerous articles, we consistently state that user involvement is one of the most important success factors. Let’s put a name, a face and a user story behind this statement.

Meet the CIO of VitalCare Services .

Customer Gary SomerhalderGary has been with VitalCare Services, LLC. for a year. One of Gary’s roles at VitalCare is that of problem solver and integrator. So what does an internal integrator do? Gary finds problems that can be solved with technology and then creates custom solutions for the organization.

To understand Gary’s unique role, you need to know a little more about Gary. He started developing software when he was 8 years old. His mother owned a medical billing company, and he was fascinated with PC’s. He hung around with the network administrator and started to learn more about computers and networks; this was the start of his love of computers and his passion for technology.

Computers are not his only passion. Gary is also an accomplished musician, playing both the violin and the piano. Gary also writes his own music and sings; more signs of his creativity.

So how does all of this relate to being an internal integrator? Gary’s talent is having the ability to blend different pieces into a new creation, creating something that isn’t currently there that needs to be there. That’s what a musician and songwriter does, and that’s what an internal integrator does.

At VitalCare, Gary was asked to assist in solving a problem with their backlog for their accounts receivable process and the handling of the company’s paper documents (DARS). VitalCare needed a solution that would be cost-effective, efficient and easy for the team to use. Gary looked to an application he found called “DocuVantage OnDemand” in order to solve their massive paper chase problem. By blending the two, Gary created the system that is described in the VitalCare case study.

The success of Gary’s project goes beyond his ability to blend different pieces into a new solution. He has also integrated the thoughts and opinions of others in the organization. Using the team’s input, he was able to take an ordinary solution and transform it into an extraordinary solution. We say extraordinary for many reasons but a few reasons really stand out.

The average A/R time has gone down significantly, no more paper documents anywhere in the office, full tracking and accountability of the documents (DARS), and an entire workflow management system that automates daily functions and improves the productivity of the entire VitalCare Staff.

Here is how Gary did it.

Gary met with the billing manager, his director, medical coders and insurance verifiers to get their input on the problem at hand. He then built a process map detailing the current workflow. From that he created a process map showing the new automated processes using “DocuVantage OnDemand”. Once he reached an agreement on both of these maps, he built a prototype, which he again shared with the team. Continuous revisions, testing and development allowed for needed changes and hurdles to be overcome. Constant team involvement made for an easy transition, less training and an overall increased willingness to harness the system’s true power and allow the employees to dive right in!

This collaboration enabled Gary to build what he called the “smarter model” or the VCS Billing System Version 1.0. Gary’s genius was in a user-friendly system, smart workflow processes and in bringing the team into the process so that the end result was a system that not only gets used, but also gets improved daily. 

Gary continues taking suggestions from the VitalCare team, and they release regular updates to their workflow and DocuVantage OnDemand powered system to make it even better. One such update included a custom Q&R System (Question & Response system). Now, when one of the employees has a question during the workflow process, the employee fills out a form, indicates which department the document should be sent to, and the work is sent along with the question so that it can be answered in a timely manner.

No more unfinished tasks lying on desks for days. After the employee’s question is answered, the work comes right back to the employee who asked the question, so that they can continue working right where they left off. This Q&R System creates a simple and effective question and answer system that is designed to deal with problems as they come up.

User Involvement

Now you can see why user involvement is one of the three keys to success. Without Gary, and without the enthusiasm and assistance of his team, the solution would not have been successful. VitalCare would have been stuck in an uphill battle with mounds of paper overflowing and a complete logistics challenge to manage daily.

Using DocuVantage OnDemand, VitalCare has simplified their workflow, enhanced their productivity, shortened their A/R and assisted in identifying, managing, and correcting issues faster than ever before. They have automated a nearly

paperless office.

The Keys

The other two keys to success are the software and the vendor. To learn more about how our software was used at VitalCare, please read the Online HIPAA Compliant Document Management case study. 

For more information on how important a vendor is to the process, please read
A Message from the CIO .


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